They kinda look like people have slept in them… I don’t know..


Slept in them? Uhm. Maybe the boys messed it while deciding where to sleep, they’re both pretty new too.

Yes sir. The room is very nice, though I don’t want to claim a bed yet. They all look kinda messy

All the beds are messy? What are you talking about?

I uh.. I don't think I can thank you enough for the scholarship, sir.


No need to thank me, Maxwell. You seemed like a nice kid and for what we talked about on your interview, you needed it. Besides, I think Mrs. Andrews will really like you to help her and she is a lot nicer than your past boss seemed to be. Are you settled well?



I do, Master, I really do. Oh! I remember. I would really like to try that, Master.

I think we might have a conflict, Master, because you make me the happiest man alive.

Would you now? I wonder why.

No, there’s no conflict, kid. I can share that title with you.


Thank you, Master. I’m sure I’ll like them. You always get nice things for us.

I like the sound of that, Master. I hope I can make you as happy as you make me.

I’m glad you like them, babe. I was just going through some old posts this morning and I remembered a few that you posted some time ago… some pictures, about subs bounded…

You make me the happiest man alive, babe.


Thank you, Master. Okay. I won’t open it, Master. Are we going to have some fun?

Do I, really?

Thank you, Master.

Good boy. Yes we are, babe. I bought us some nice treats for tonight. I hope you like it.

You do, babe. Even when you’re not in the room.


I’d really like that, Master. Can we put on that song the next time we have sexy times?

The best kind of things, Master.

Okay. You can take all the pictures you want, whenever you want, Master.

Of course, kid. Which reminds me, a box is supposed to arrive today. You’re not to open it, okay? It’s a little surprise for tonight.

Good, because you do too.

My good boy. I’ll remember that tonight.


Thank you, Master. You’re making me blush.

You look adorable when you blush. 


Are you serious, Master?

I don’t know, Master. You just make me feel a lot of things without even touching me.

I like those pictures too, Master. More almost naked pictures or normal pictures?

Oh, I’m deadly serious. I’ll take notes to play that song.

Good things, I hope?

Both. Though I’d never say no to some almost naked pictures of you, kid.


Moira took the first two pictures. The other ones were taken by Erick. He has the last one on his desk. :)

Just gorgeous, kid. I could stare at those all day.